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Easy to use, upload photos with drag and drop or hand pick them in a dialog box.


View your photos in detail with the zoom mode in the photo viewer.


Your photos are encrypted on the Blockstack storage service.


Block Photos is a photos app that stores your photos encrypted on a storage provider of your choosing. For the time being you can only pick the default Blockstack storage or creating your own storage provider (for advanced users).

The Blockstack authentication and storage encryption makes sure only you can access your photos on Block Photos, protected with blockchain security at the same level as your Bitcoin wallet. The perfect solution if your privacy is important to you!

With Block Photos you currently can:
* Upload photos from your computer, tablet or smartphone. (Current file size limit of 5 MB.)
* Upload photos with drag and drop from your computer directly into Block Photos.
* View your photos in a grid and a photos viewer.
* Rotate photos.
* Download photos to your computer.
* Create Photo Albums.

And much more to come!


Version 4.1 is available in Google Play for Android.
For other systems please us the web app above.

  • 1
    Create a Blockstack Account

    Block Photos is using Blockstack as authentication provider that makes sure that your photos are stored safe behind a secret key using similar technology that keeps your Bitcoins safe.

  • 2
    Upload your photos

    You can upload your photos from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. All the photos will be synced between all your devices.

  • 3
    Enjoy your privacy

    All your photos will later be stored in the storage service of your choosing (Currently only Blockstack standard free storage is available) and they are stored encrypted, so no third party corporation will have access to any of your photos.

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